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Are you accounting in the cloud yet?
February 13, 2017 | No Comments

Five years ago I took on a new client who had heard I was a Quickbooks Pro Advisor and wanted my help in getting...

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Clear desks and clear minds in the workplace
February 8, 2017 | No Comments

Clear desk is a clear mind. Empty desks don't exist. Colleagues - in and out of my day job - often remark (poke fun?)...

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Getting your home office organized in 2017
January 31, 2017 | No Comments

Client: What's your secret for being so organized?

Me: Sort-later boxes.

Client: What are sort-later boxes?

Me: Whenever I expect guests, visitors or clients at my office,...

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Cash in – don’t check out – this tax season
January 24, 2017 | No Comments

No, this isn't a post about maximizing your income tax refund. Rather, this is a focus on an area with which many small business...

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25 years in 250 words
December 21, 2016 | No Comments

2016 marked 25 years of my professional photography career. In that time, I've learned many lessons, mercilessly beat up some gear, met many people,...

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Photo division website gets new look
March 14, 2016 | No Comments

It's true. We've been busy at work on our online presence since New Year's. New online magazine Jeune Femme led with its...

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Business e-mail services restored
March 11, 2016 | No Comments

We are pleased to announce that after three weeks of technical troubleshooting on the part of our web hosting services provider, our business e-mail...

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Business e-mail woes linger, phone calls urged
March 5, 2016 | No Comments

Martin Picturesque's business e-mail accounts are still being recovered after our web hosting service dropped our business mail package three weeks ago during some...

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Open studio hours coming to Martin Picturesque
February 15, 2016 | No Comments

We're opening our doors to creative types in the next few weeks. Quietly working out of sight, we've been busy arranging, testing, re-arranging, and...

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Martin Picturesque launches Jeune Femme Report
January 31, 2016 | No Comments

Dear Readers, We're launching our latest online publication, Jeune Femme Report, at today. This latest in a series of online publications by...

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