Martin Picturesque launches Jeune Femme Report

Dear Readers, We're launching our latest online publication, Jeune Femme Report, at today. This latest in a series of online publications by Martin Picturesque celebrates creative, talented, and entrepreneurial young women of today. Join our movement to get the latest updates. Moreover, join us in highlighting the bold, independent, modern woman through stories, tips, hints, advice, and photos. Be sure to share your story and those of others you know whose stories will serve to inspire a new generation of female empowerment. Jeune Femme gives place to the younger set as well in its junior feature, Jeune Fille. Like her slightly older counterpart, Jeune Fille is creative talent and entrepreneurial spirit personified. If you're looking for the eZine that finally gives young women their propers for achievement and ambition, please look no further. You'll find it at Jeune Femme. Please take a peak at our humble beginnings and come back often over the next few weeks as we publish our first stories and interviews. Enjoy. Sincerely, Jeune Femme by Martin Picturesque