Open studio hours coming to Martin Picturesque

We're opening our doors to creative types in the next few weeks. Quietly working out of sight, we've been busy arranging, testing, re-arranging, and creating spaces at our home studio, aptly named "L'atelier." We're designing spaces most conducive to creative thought and expression. Our tireless efforts, always ongoing, have already afforded us a state-of-the-art command center, so dubbed by our interior designer last year - a dressing area for models; a meeting area for those long brainstorming sessions with creative collaborators; a studio space for our portrait and fashion sessions; and most recently, a separate reading alcove, free from the distractions of technology and photography gear. We're most excited to announce open studio hours in the weeks leading to Spring, allowing creatives to make themselves at home within our walls, whether they are working on projects on their own or collaborating with Martin Picturesque on various creations. Stay tuned for a virtual tour and formal announcement of our open studio hours.