Martin Picturesque, a Philadelphia-based marketing communications and financial services company, exists to help young people, entrepreneurs, and women identify and explore their unique gifts by exposing them to opportunities to set and reach their goals and by coaching them to reach their full potential. Since its 1997 inception, Martin Picturesque has sponsored numerous community, youth, and small business programs aimed at promoting success and developing local talent. Through expertise in the areas of marketing communications, photography, creative writing, journalism, and life skills coaching, MPE offers diverse and unique platforms for creative self-expression, nonprofit and small business development, and youth engagement. Our commitments to families, communities, and education remain the cornerstone of our services and programs.
"We're not saying we're the best; we're saying that we're better than anyone else who's doing what we do."
Our mission is to redefine the ultimate customer experience by providing the most affordable and accessible range of quality professional services to low-income families and students and to small business entrepreneurs in the the tri-state area through an intricate network of associates, partners, and collaborators. Our vision is to establish economic wealth and community well being by creating viable employment opportunities for young people within impoverished communities, by preparing them to become productive leaders in the workforce, and by helping them and their families fulfill their dreams by reaching their goals.
Martin Picturesque Enterprises, LLC (MPE) is a Philadelphia, PA-based professional services provider in areas of photography, communications, small business financial services, publishing, and life skills coaching. Since 1997, MPE has delivered premier services conducive to personal, professional, community, and economic development to its diverse and growing clientele in the tri-state area. MPE provides unmatched quality and competitive pricing to a vastly underserved population through its network of talented and skilled professionals. Company President & CEO T Martin is an award-winning photographer and writer specializing in projects promoting youth success.