Hello. I’m Martin, professional accountant and IT administrator. My specialty is T.A.C.T. – Troubleshooting, Analysis, Cleanup and Turnaround of troubled or struggling small businesses and business units. Current studies toward a degree in business administration bolster my 20+ years in public and charter education, information technology, communication systems, and for-profit and nonprofit accounting. In my personal time, I enjoy helping small businesses and non-profit organizations establish sound business practices and information systems that help them grow. My pet projects include helping young entrepreneurs and artists find their voices, advocating for education and human services causes, and contributing toward community and economic development.


Utilizing knowledge and skills to establish known and unknown opportunities for improvement.


Applying critical thinking to discover root causes and to develop plans for remediation.


Using creative problem solving and teamwork to organize, unify, and restructure.


Combining communication and technical skills to set new courses and goals.