And the award for most efficient goes to…

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Originally published January 24, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an efficiency hound. A year ago, during my annual performance evaluation at work, I listed among my team goals “to develop with my supervisor the most efficient nonprofit finance team in the region”, a goal I borrowed from a former supervisor with a different employer. My current supervisor was puzzled by the goal and asked whether that is actually a thing and how something like that could even be measured. A few days ago, she got her answer.

On Monday, my supervisor got her answer from a board member of our nonprofit organization who is also Deputy Director at another nonprofit, one that happens to be housed across the street from us. The board member, who has just voted in our January board meeting to approve our Fiscal Policies & Procedures Manual, wants someone – namely my supervisor – to help her organization with their finances. Our boss agreed to pitch the idea for the board member.

When a board member wants your help with her nonprofit organization’s finances, what is that, if not a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of your function as a finance team? So, no, there’s no award or prize that says we’re the most efficient team in the region. There’s no competition in which we can compete to drive the point home. In fact, we don’t do this work for the accolades at all. We believe in the mission and work accordingly. So it’s not a contest at all.

For the record, though, if it were… we’d be winning.

Just saying.