Dear Diary, welcome to your digital transformation

From the Archives

Originally published June 14, 2014

And so begins the arduous task of transcribing everything from my written journals for the past (we won’t say how many) years to the computer. This will be an interesting project because I will be seeing a lot of this material for the first time since writing some of it. Granted, some of the material from more recent journals and notebooks might have been reviewed for inclusion in a blog post or speech anecdote. Most of it – I’d venture to say 85% – will be new all over again when I move it to digital format.

To protect myself from embarrassment and to secure the privacy of others who may be named in these journals, I will be performing this task personally, though a slew of typists at several computers would speed this process along. I’m dividing the tasks required to complete this project into several buckets: acquire all written journals and notebooks; order books by first and last dates of entry; type until books are completed or hands fall off, whichever happens first; and organize notes into something that could become either a reference or a book. See you on the other side of bringing these gems into the 21st century.

Update: Unfortunately, the arduous (tedious?) task of bringing my past journals into the digital age was overwhelming, and rehashing some of those memories inspired a different tack altogether. My semi-annual journal burnings are now a tradition with me. Interestingly, some of the same nostalgia I experienced with my journals at the time of the original post has returned over the past few weeks, as I sift through old posts from my previous blog for curation and publication (all in their original form) here. History truly repeats itself.