Declare it, commit to it, achieve it – in life, love, and everything in between

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Originally published April 14, 2015

I read recently that when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. (Paulo Coelho). I only half agree. Recognizing what you want is a vital first step, though wanting it is not enough to achieve it. Experience – mine and others’ – has convinced me that achievement of any goal requires a firm commitment. That starts with a vision of your future, a declaration to reach that place, and a devotion to the thoughts, words, and actions that will get you there. In short, it is that commitment that sets you apart from other people who also want something.

While I could pull examples of this from any of a number of sources, I don’t have to look beyond personal experience to reinforce this point. Neither do you. Think about things you’ve wanted throughout your life. Which of those things have you acquired or achieved? Which are still in the wind? In my youth, I struggled to save money. I would earn it, spend it, and never see it again. As I grew older and wished to add to my life and business, I suddenly – I mean, mysteriously and miraculously – acquired some enviable money-saving skills that even now I don’t understand. I want a big house; I’m not committed to it, though, and nothing I say or do moves me toward renting or purchasing a home larger than the one I now occupy. I committed, some years ago, to purchasing business tools and gear that would allow me to elevate my craft. And I’ve achieved those goals in ways that surprised me then and baffle me now.

You don’t have to compare yourself to “the greats” throughout history who have achieved much. Just take a peak into your own life. Pick any aspect of your life, past or present, and consider whether you’ve achieved goals you set for yourself or whether you’re still floundering about, waiting to be ready or waiting for the next opportunity to strike. Be honest with yourself in this process, and the answers might surprise you. Then stop wallowing in self-pity, make a declaration for your life and your best self, commit to it – with a plan of action and a deadline – and watch the magic happen. (It’s really not magic at all; calling it magic simply helps make the process more enjoyable.)

Share your experience in comments. Where has commitment made the difference in your life and work? Tell all, spare no gory detail. Help others achieve great success in their lives by learning from your experiences. Help yourself by helping others separate themselves from others who only ever want things in their lives. Help someone commit to something today.