Exercise your power to help others

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Originally published March 4, 2016

Feeling down about life or work or family? Looking for a shot in the arm to boost your spirits? Here’s your cure: Go help someone else. Take your mind off your issues for a moment and lend a helping hand to someone who needs it. Lift up the next person you see. As a long-time educator and life skills coach, I derive particular enjoyment from seeing the fruits of otherwise thankless labors, and so do most people I interview about their pursuits in the life of service. I’m moved to share this point in light of a growing number of young entrepreneurs who have shared with me their successes as a direct result of putting others first. If you’re still looking for that boost, consider that love and happiness are two things that increase within you the more you give them away. Love and care for others deeply, and watch your own inner stock go up. We all have a power that is uniquely – and yet universally – our own. Yours grows stronger the more you help others discover, exercise and increase theirs. Believe that. And live it. Then please share your thoughts in comments.