I’m eating Vegan… for two weeks

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Originally published January 31, 2017

A self-imposed challenge at work led to me committing to spending two weeks on a strict vegan diet. It is purely academic. I want to experience the mindset of someone who chooses a Vegan lifestyle by immersing myself in it for two weeks in February. I had hoped to start this week, and some financial constraints prevent me from doing the necessary shopping to commit to such a meal plan. Besides, the next 10 days will also give me time to write out said meal plan and shop accordingly. Along the way, I’ll be coached – and monitored – to ensure I don’t cheat or slip up or fall off the wagon or steal the wagon altogether and head for the border. Stay tuned and keep posted by visiting here once a week for updates. The next few posts on this blog will be devoted to following my (brief) journey into the Vegan world. If you have tips, hints, encouragement, and recipes, please feel free to share in comments below.