Innovative office specialist launches career-focused website

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Originally published March 5, 2016

Today’s page comes from the book of an aspiring techie I’ve known since he still had dreams of being an architect. Imagine how pleased I was to be directed to the website of this young office specialist after he designed and posted a site devoted to promoting his career history and objectives. Meet Derrick Yeager, known to me as Young Yeager, a rising star in office administration and computer science. Currently studying Computer Science at University of the People and making significant strides in his various jobs as an office specialist, his website is a clear indicator that Derrick is destined for greatness in whatever he chooses to do. No spoiler alerts here, though. Please visit his site at [URL inactive] now. This remarkable and energetic fellow could be your next and best hire.

Update: Since original publication, Derrick’s website is no longer active at the URL above. Still, he remains actively focused on his goals and passions, as illustrated in this recent update about him. As an aside, it’s worth noting that it was through him that I first heard of University of the People, where I’m currently earning my degree in Business Administration.