Leadership as a test of authenticity

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Originally published August 23, 2012

On Wednesday, August 22nd, I attended a workshop at Temple University and took away a great deal to consider, both as an entrepreneur and as a community advocate. The title of the workshop was “Organizational Change and Decision Making.” The focus, though, was on leadership theory, the topic of presenter Eric Brunner’s upcoming dissertation. For me the main take-away ideas were how to distinguish between leadership style and management style; how to use leadership theories to adapt to situations and conditions; and how understanding true leadership affects organizational structure, change, and decision making.

Bottom line: The real test of my integrity and honesty lies in knowing how I lead when I lead. Powerful stuff. One of those “really had to be there” things. I recommend leadership studies for anyone committed to understanding how leadership functions at all levels of organizations. Highly recommend! Share your thoughts on leadership and organizational development in comments.