Personal goals for 2016

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Originally published January 18, 2016

I rarely share my personal goals because I’m far more used to helping people set business, professional, and career goals. For the record, I do actually have a life outside of work and business (I’m lying, of course), so here are a few personal objectives I’ve set for myself in 2016:

  • Read a book per week. And not some easy-to-read, short book unless that happens to be the content I want to consume in any given week. Rather, I want to take a crack at some of the books I haven’t read since adding them to my library in the past year.
  • Post and share at least one blog entry per week. If you’re not a first-time reader on this blog, then you’ve heard (or read) this before. Know that, as I do every year, I fully intend to make this a reality. You can help by leaving feedback, e-mailing me your questions, and occasionally holding me accountable for this commitment.
  • Develop more nurturing relationships. This one is a lot softer than anything that I’ve ever published, and it’s because, again, I generally don’t publish anything so personal in this space. 2016 is a new year, though, and it brings with it new opportunities for me to explore internal and external factors that contribute to my happiness. Companionship helps. Friendships help. Family helps. I firmly believe that as I live into this commitment, others – like reading more and writing more – will come more easily.

That’s all you need to know of my personal goals… for now. Maybe I’ll share more throughout the year. In the meantime, you should have plenty of insight about my professional and business goals if you’re also following me on social media and reading other blogs to which I contribute. Thanks for reading. Please leave some feedback.