Seriously speaking, it’s not that deep

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Originally published May 14, 2012

Today’s message is simply about how seriously we sometimes take ourselves, and to convey it, we take a page from the book of my former coworker, Priscilla Torres. She’s a youth-leadership development and life skills workshop instructor at ASPIRA, Inc of Pennsylvania. Whenever I struggled to maintain balance between taking my job seriously and not taking myself too seriously, with a condescending smirk and four succinct words she’d help snap me back on track. She’d say, “It’s not that deep.” That’s all.

Admittedly, sometimes it feels that deep. Today’s thought isn’t that life is to be taken lightly. Rather, there are times when caution and structure have place, and we all do well to heed the tell-tale signs and to think, speak, and act accordingly. Still, the kernel thought is worth considering: when do we cross the line between accepting accountability for our words and actions and taking ourselves far more seriously than warranted? Some of us are deeply analytical creatures, often introspective and cautious. (Well, I mean, I am.) Even so, from time to time a certain disdainful expression and four pithy words shoot through my head as a reminder about how much life lies in a realm of possibilities outside the box of analysis and self-imposed pressures. And it’s actually a relief to know that no matter what else prevails, most days it’s really not that dee