Speech, speech: Returning to the motivational circuit

From the Archives

Originally published August 25, 2012

A few recent requests from students and community advocates who wish me to take them up on public speaking offers really have me thinking. Do I have a few motivational talks left in me? Then it occurred to me: That may be ALL I have left in me! I remember my early keynote addresses to public school students on their move-up days, to Latino Conference attendees, and to high-school students for graduation. My life and work had more meaning to me then because I had something worth sharing and young people eager to share it with me. (Poor gullible saps.)

The greatest take-away wasn’t some perceived wisdom on the part of the speaker; rather, it was the interactive dialogue we shared for those few minutes together, the insights and impressions we were able to give each other. In other words, why have I slowed down from offering something from which I derived so much benefit? Look for new pages coming to this site soon, including one on the main topics on which I will begin offering all-new series of motivational talks for kids of all ages. What topics would you like to see addressed? Please share your ideas in comments.

Update: I did return to delivering limited career day presentations at local public and charter schools near and dear to me. This year marks the first time since about the time of this post’s original publication that my engagements were ground to a halt, largely due to school closures in light of the ongoing pandemic.