The plan: Slowing down to speed up

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Originally published December 1, 2011

Today’s page is from the book of my former supervisor and mentor, Murray Rosenman, CFO of ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania and its schools. When he came on board at ASPIRA 2+ years ago, our department was entrenched in methods and madness that took him some time to muddle through. Once he had a clear picture of what we needed to do for the Finance Department there, he and I were able to work together to build a team that helped propel our agency to great new heights and aspirations. The lesson he shared so frequently is not uncommon to someone in my profession as a business and marketing planner: “Slow down to speed up.”

In other words, the adrenaline of your momentum may be what’s driving you at the moment, and your enthusiasm may be very contagious for now. Just be advised that without a plan, the best ideas aren’t worth the paper you write them on, and the slowing down you feel when taking your first real planning steps is crucial in generating new, focused momentum. The time and energy invested in proper planning pays for itself by saving countless headaches and heartaches down the unplanned road of haste and waste. If you take nothing else away from a planning session – whether for business, marketing, finance, operations, strategy, tactics, contingency, or events – know, at least, that slowing down for proper preparation lets you speed past the traps that snag and bury great ideas that have no plans behind them! Where do you need to slow down today?