Vegan meal planning in progress

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Originally published February 7, 2017

Last week I introduced the idea of a self-imposed Vegan challenge. It’s been difficult for me to plan meals, so I’ve turned to a book that a coworker loaned me for this experiment: “Vegan: 100 Everyday Recipes”. So far all I’ve done is thumb through the book at salivate at some of the pictures. Before heading to bed tonight, though, I’ll select some breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and list the ingredients I will need to buy over the weekend in order to start introducing Vegan meals into my diet. Here’s my overall plan for this challenge.

Week 1: Eat at least one Vegan meal per day, maybe even two if I have enough basic ingredients on hand. Gravitate away from foods and ingredients that do not fit the Vegan lifestyle.

Week 2: Eat ONLY Vegan meals and snacks every day of the week.

BONUS Week 3: Treat myself to Fat Jack’s BBQ at least two times during the week before I become a changed man. My supervisor, who only today learned that I’m planning this Vegan challenge, said that I’d likely be a changed man after the experiment. I think that in the academic sense, this is true. In a moral sense, I think I’ll remain unscathed. After all, two summers ago I gave up sugar for eight weeks and didn’t bat an eyelash. I’m confident I have the discipline to survive the challenge and the muscle memory to bounce back to the Meat Lover’s Pizza from Renzi’s by the time it’s over. We’ll see. Check back soon.