What ever happened to…

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Originally published April 17, 2013

We’ve all asked the question, and in the course of compiling new chapters of my current writing project (translation: book), I’ve wondered what has become of some of the figures represented in its pages. In particular this morning, I became strongly curious (apologies to Altoids for that twist) about one woman with whom I formed an online friendship after a few chat room encounters. We bonded, shared some laughs, and drifted apart.

Then one day some ten years or so ago, I got a call from her mother, who told me that her daughter had just given birth and insisted that someone reach me by phone to let me know. Won’t lie; I was flattered that she considered me friend enough to be contacted with that blessed news. And then I don’t remember hearing from her again. As I make my way to work and reflect on old acquaintances this morning, I wonder what ever became of her, the bright, humorous, sometimes troubled girl who knew me only by my chat room screen name (which I still use to this day). Maybe in this ever tightening world of social networking, I’ll find out. Is there someone about whom you wonder where they are and how they’ve been? Share in comments.