Wound up over winding down

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Originally published September 7, 2012

I’m winding down a full season with a client, and I’ve never been so hype about it! So deep and profound have been the revelations and so rich has been my learning experience over the last year and half, that I’m absolutely reeling with ideas for upcoming ventures, new clients, personal and professional development, motivational talks, and writing projects. I’ve even revisited the original recommendations I submitted to the client a year ago and brought them up to date based on new observations and insights since that early assessment. And as bummed out as I could well be about disengaging with a client, I’ve never been more ready to deliver the promised outcomes and prepare for the next business adventure that awaits me.

I think it could be a sign of – shudder the thought – maturity. Usually, coming to a close of something signals a dismal end; this, on the other hand, has been a remarkably satisfying experience, complete with the victories, setbacks, memories, annoyances, triumphs, and frustrations that make for a healthy business undertaking. Am I just weird right now because things are looking up? You tell me. Share your feelings about coming to the end of a project or even gearing up to start a new one. Share, share, share!